IPT™ UV Robots

The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

Validated by Science

Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

Proven Results

IPT’s UV-C disenfection robots save lives and money. View testimonials.

UV-C Disinfection Testimonials

Some call her the germinator, others the germ zapper, or germ fighter. She may look like a giant bug zapper, but the IPT 3200 UV-C disinfection robot is becoming well known for its high-tech approach to disinfecting hospital rooms from deadly pathogens like C. diff and VRE.

The IPT 3200 is increasingly becoming the germ-killing robot of choice because it is the most powerful UV disinfection robot on the market, providing faster and more effective disinfection rates.

Several hospitals that have implemented use of the IPT 3200 UV-C disinfection robot provided testimonials, sharing their progress in reducing hospital-acquired infections. 

Mercy Health Anderson – Cincinnati testimonial
Mercy Health Anderson in Cincinnati, Ohio, has reported a 25% decrease in the incidences of C. diff since implementing the IPT 3200 in its room-cleaning regimen.
McLaren Flint testimonial
McLaren Flint has purchased the IPT 3200 and IPT 2280 Syndicate (Syndi) and reported a 30% reduction in hospital-acquired infections in their intensive care unit during an initial 6-month trial.

Legacy Meridian Park Hospital testimonial
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital in Portland, Ore., conducted a two-week study of the effectiveness of the IPT 3200 in eradicating pathogens from disinfected rooms and found that the UV disinfection robot successfully terminated virtually all pathogens.

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