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IPT UV Robot Case Studies

Brotman Medical Center

New Published Peer Reviewed Study
American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 43, No. 12, December 2015


  • Facility-wide disinfection initiative using the IPT NextGen UV technology
  • Six-month,  seasonally correlated study
  • Dedicated UVC service model provided by Clean Sweep Group Inc


  • Facility-wide HAI reductions:
  • 42.7% reduction in C.Diff infections
  • 100%  reduction in Klebsiella infections
  • 71.4% reduction in Acinetobacter infections

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UCH Hospital

Study methodology:

  • 30 patient rooms, of various sizes and configurations with diverse patient populations, cleaned and disinfected using standard terminal cleaning procedures;
  • Environmental cultures taken of 5 high-touch surfaces:
    • Door handle at entry of patient room;
    • Faucet handles on sink;
    • Hand rail next to toilet;
    • Hand rail on patient bed;
    • Remote control/call bell.
  • Same 30 rooms disinfected again using IPT 3200 UV robot for 6-12 minutes, with average 10.2 minutes per room;
  • Environmental cultures of same high-touch areas taken again.


  • All of the high-touch surfaces showed significant contamination after the standard cleaning;
  • Environmental cultures showed 98% reduction in microorganisms after IPT 3200 disinfection;
  • 16 of the patient room environmental culture plates had 0 colony forming units (CFUs) after disinfection with the IPT 3200.

McLaren Oakland Hospital

Before UV disinfection deployment:

  • 22 cases of C. diff in the 6 months prior to implementation;
  • $14,805 average added charge per HAI case;
  • $325,710 total in added charges;
  • 7.3 days average added LOS;
  • 15 minutes average turnaround time per patient room.

After deployment of IPT’s IPT 3200 UV disinfection robot:

  • In 6 months, 1 incident of C. diff where UV-C was used, 5 incidents in areas where it was not;
  • $88,830 in total added charges;
  • No difference in average turnaround time per patient room;
  • $236,880 in cost savings from reduced HAI incidents.
Henry Ford Hospital

Before UV-C disinfection:

  • 24/10000PTD C. diff infection rate
  • 14 cases of C. diff in 3 months

After deployment of IPT UV disinfection robot:

  • 6.1/10000PTD C. diff infection rate
  • 1 case of C. diff in 3 months
  • Estimated $130,000-$180,000 in cost savings

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