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The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

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Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

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UV Disinfection Applications

Any healthcare environment can become infected with the pathogens that cause HAIs, including assisted living homes, extend care facilities, dialysis centers, EMS vehicles and medicopters.

Hospital acquired infections or HAIs aren’t just an issue for acute care hospitals.  Any healthcare environment that treats susceptible patients can become infected with the pathogens that cause HAIs through direct hand contact or transmission on high-touch surfaces.

Facilities that treat or transport elderly patients, who are oftentimes the most susceptible, are particularly at risk for pathogen contamination.  These include nursing homes, long-term acute care centers, assisted living homes, extended care facilities, dialysis centers, EMS vehicles and medicopters.  In fact, over 100,000 cases of C. diff developed among residents of nursing homes in 2011, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Community-acquired C. diff among nursing home residents is particularly dangerous as 90 percent of C. diff deaths occur among people ages 65 and older.  And, because C. diff is so easily transmitted by contaminated hands from one surface to another, quick action to disinfect a contaminated room is required to prevent further incidences among nursing home residents.

UV disinfection is recommended for any healthcare application where the environment has been exposed to and may have been infected by HAI-causing pathogens from patients with these illnesses.

Infection Prevention Technologies offers three specially designed UV disinfection systems that meet the needs of varied healthcare environments at risk for HAIs.

The company’s IPT™ 3200 UV disinfection robot is the fastest, most powerful UV disinfection system on the market, offering whole-room disinfection of direct, indirect and shadow areas. Learn why whole-room disinfection vs. spot treatment is critical to cost-effective UV disinfection.

The IPT 2280 is a pair of UV robots specifically designed to work in tandem to emit powerful UVC energy that provides additional flexibility for varied healthcare environments. Learn the difference between UV-C disinfection and systems that use broad spectrum ultraviolet.

The IPT 1140 offers a strong germicidal punch in an affordable and very portable package. A quick-release base enables the emitter to be placed in tight quarters, such as EMS vehicles and medicopters and is ideal for applications including assisted living and extended care facilities.

Learn why IPT is a leader in the development of UV disinfection technology or contact IPT for more information. 

The IPT 2280 Syndicate is two paired units specifically designed to work in tandem in multi-room patient facilities or elongated work spaces, like ambulances.


Compact and affordable, the IPT 1140 is ideal for applications such as EMS vehicles, medicopters, assisted living and extended care facilities.