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The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

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Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

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What is UV Light Disinfection?

IPT 3200

The company’s IPT™ 3200 UV disinfection system is the fastest, most powerful UV disinfection robot on the market. 

IPT 2280 Syndicate

The company’s IPT 2280 is a pair of UVC robots specifically designed to work in tandem to emit powerful UV energy from a dual-emitter platform for whole room disinfection.

IPT 1140 Max

The IPT 1140 offers a strong germicidal punch in an affordable and very portable package. A quick-release base enables the emitter to be placed in tight quarters, such as EMS vehicles and medicopters and is ideal for applications including assisted living and extended care facilities.

UV light disinfection is a process used to treat hospital rooms and other environments, such as nursing homes and ambulances, with germ-killing UV rays to prevent the development and spread of healthcare aquired infections (HAIs) caused by a number of dangerous and potentially lethal pathogens.

Transmitted by portable machines called UV disinfection robots, UV radiation inactivates bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms responsible for potentially fatal HAIs, including  Clostriduim difficile (C.diff), one of the most resilient HAI-causing pathogens that can live on surfaces for months.

UV disinfection robots offer hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare environments the ability to disinfect an entire room, including direct, indirect and shadow areas, in a matter of minutes, leaving it disinfected and safe for the next patient.

With manual cleaning proven to be less than 50% effective in eliminating HAI-causing pathogens, particularly on high-touch surfaces that are oftentimes missed in cleaning, such as door knobs, toilet handles, bed rails, TV remote controls and telephone handsets, UV light disinfection has surfaced as the best solution to prevent HAIs.

Infection Prevention Technologies, an industry leader in the development of UV light disinfection technology, has developed three UV robots that use ultraviololet light radiation to kill HAI-causing pathogens. 

All three IPT robots offer the assurance of whole-room treatment of direct, indirect and shadow areas with easy-to-use, safe systems that offer automated control through durable wireless handheld devices and a cloud-based tracking system. 

Only IPT has invested in the technology to deliver three effective and affordable solutions.

Learn more about the HAI problem and its cost to our healthcare system, or contact IPT for more information about its UV disinfection solutions.