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The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

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Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

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Whole Room UV Disinfection vs. Spot Treatment

Despite the best efforts of EVS staff, a significant amount of potentially dangerous pathogens remain after manual cleaning of a hospital room. In fact, studies document that only 34% of high-touch surfaces are cleaned and 71% of VRE and 78% of C. diff organisms survive manual cleaning. These organisms, along with others, sicken patients and result in extended hospital stays or readmissions, costing healthcare organizations billions of dollars in avoidable expense.   

Infection Prevention Technologies has spent years researching and developing germicidal UV systems that provide effective whole room disinfection in a single treatment, including direct, indirect and shadow areas.

Whole Room vs. Spot UV Treatment

Many competitor systems, including xenon pulse UV disinfection units, can only provide spot treatment in hospital rooms requiring the units to be moved to multiple locations within the room to achieve a full disinfection. That increases labor costs and time for an already overburdened EVS staff.

The IPT 3200 saves time and money and reduce the risk of HAIs from ineffectual disinfection treatments. Our most powerful UV disinfection robot measures in real-time the conditions and configuration of the room to disperse enough UV rays in all directions to bathe every surface of the room with germ-killing UV radiation.  

Direct, Indirect and Shadow Areas

Not only do spot treatment UV disinfection robots require more handling to complete disinfection, they also typically miss highly infected areas that are located in indirect and shadow areas within a room, such as the underside of bed rails, faucet handles and telephone handsets.

What that means is, despite the healthcare organization’s investment in an expensive UV robot, many high-touch surfaces will remain contaminated even after both manual and UV cleaning.

The IPT 3200 is designed to minimize time and maximize disinfection with a single, whole-room treatment that completely disinfects all direct, indirect and shadow areas, making infected rooms completely safe for the next patient.

Learn more about IPT 3200 for whole room UV disinfection or contact IPT for more information.


Spot treatment fails to disinfect surfaces outside the direct “line-of-sight” of the UV robot and requires unit repositioning.


IPT 3200 provides whole-room, single-procedure treatment, bathing the entire room and every surface in germ-killing UV.