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Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

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Why UV Dosage is Important for Disinfection

Imagine getting a prescription for an antibiotic and only taking half the recommended dose each day.  Would you be surprised if your illness prevailed?

Like common illnesses for which humans ingest antibiotics, each pathogen that causes the most common healthcare associated infections has a known dosage, specifically a UVC dosage, at which it is deactivated or terminated. UVC disinfection dosage is a function of total intensity of UVC light and the length of exposure.

Using higher intensity UVC light decreases the time needed to reach the appropriate dosage. Likewise, using lower intensity UV light lengthens the amount of time needed to reach the right UV dosage to kill dangerous pathogens.

What that means is that running a UV robot for less time than needed to achieve the germ-killing UV dosage enables HAI-causing pathogens to survive, creating the opportunity for patients to become seriously ill. The best way to prevent under-dosing, is to use UV robots that automatically measure room conditions in real time to calculate the power and time needed to achieve the right dosage.

IPT offers the most powerful UV disinfection robots on the market, capable of dispersing the right UV dosage in the least amount of time necessary to kill the most dangerous pathogens that cause HAIs. Learn more about our SmartDosage UV™ technology.

When evaluating UV disinfection systems, it’s important to ask the vendor these questions:

  1. How much UV-C power does the unit generate?

  2. What is the Log10 CFU reduction of C. diff, MRSA or VRE for 10 minutes of treatment?

  3. Is it a whole-room treatment system?

  4. Does the UV device have to be repositioned?

  5. Does it treat indirect and shadowed surfaces?

The IPT 3200 UV disinfection robot is the standard-bearer in UV disinfection. The most powerful UV robot in the market, the IPT 3200 consistently achieves the highest Log10 CFU reduction rates for C. diff, MRSA, VRE and other pathogens in 10 minutes of treatment. 

Read more about the science of pathogen disinfection:

Learn more about the IPT 3200 or contact IPT for more information.