IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment

More effective… more efficient!

The efficacy and efficiency of UV-C room Treatment is heavily dependant on the room size and shape. The idealized space is a perfectly circular environment without any interfering objects. In the idealized space, a UV-C radiating system positioned centrally would radiate UV-C flux to the perimeter of the environment in a uniform fashion. In the real world however, rooms vary in size and proportion. IRiS technology incorporates a patent pending feature called “Balanced Field Technology” which, in the case of the IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment, essentially moves power from one zone to any of eight other zones. The measured irradiative flux is compared to an idealized model room and adjustments are made to lamp output to achieve virtual repositioning thereby reducing the overall treatment time required for non-critical surfaces.

IRiS Whole Room UVC TreatmentMore power... less time!

Another significant design achievement involves the measure of Flux Capacitance (sounds like if is from a sci-fi movie) which is the volume of energy or dose that a room can be treated with. The amount of UV-C energy that can be produced is proportional to the amount of power that can be applied. This power has historically been limited by the available power of a circuit which in the USA is typically 15 to 20 amps.

The more power available for UV-C generation, the shorter the treatment time. The IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment incorporates a patent pending “boost” system that relies on state of the art battery technology. The energy boost is a store of additional power on board that can be accessed to minimize overall treatment time. The net result is a doubling of the power typically available from conventional circuits which translates into significant reductions in room treatment time.

Environmentally friendly!

The IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment is the ideal choice when it is important to be “up and running” immediately following a room treatment. Unlike alternative treatment methods, there is little to any room preparation needed. There is no requirement to mask off electronic equipment and once the room is treated it is immediately available for use.

Treatment documentation!

Recently published guidance from Health and Human Services emphasizes the importance of documenting the proper disinfection of health care facilities. The IRiS automates documentation of room treatments with our patent pending Steri-Trak™ process. The Steri-Trak™ process for Treatment with Documentation provides the following features.

  1. User Session Logging
  2. Predefined room lists
  3. Device activation tracking
  4. Error tracking
  5. Logging to permanent database.
  6. Reporting

The IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment is operated with a hand-held remote running Microsoft CE. The Steri-Trak system provides real time room scheduling and treatment documentation available from any web enabled workstation.

The IRiS Whole Room UVC Treatment and Documentation system provides the following advantages.

  1. Certify Room Treatment before Re-occupation: Documentation is systematically linked to a successful treatment Cycle. Linking both processes together ensures that patient care spaces have been thoroughly treated before occupation by the next patient. Unlike manual methods, there is no way to falsely report that a room has been thoroughly treated.
  2. Productivity Tracking: Session, Location and Treatment logging provide a data trail to track user productivity.
  3. Productivity Management: Session, Location and Treatment Logging data that may be used to modify work routine in order to eliminate bottlenecks in work flow.

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