IPT UV Disinfection Technology, Assets Acquired by Skytron

Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT) has announced that its assets and patented technologies have been acquired by Skytron LLC of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tom Kenny, CEO of IPT stated, “The IPT portfolio of UV disinfection robots are important weapons for healthcare facilities in the ongoing battle against healthcare acquired infections.  They are a great fit for the Skytron product family.  Skytron’s broad distribution network will significantly increase sales.”

IPT manufactures and markets ultraviolet light disinfection robots that deliver higher pathogen-killing dosages in less time than any other germ-killing UV robots on the market.  Their high output of germicidal UV makes them the most powerful and cost-effective ultraviolet disinfection robots in the world. The UV power of the IPT robots enables fast, single-cycle whole-room disinfection treatments so EVS staff saves time and efficiency in their room cleaning procedure. 

“We wanted to broaden our offering of disinfection and sterilization products with UV technology.  It didn’t take long to identify IPT as having the best-in-class products and technology in this category,” stated John Malnor, Chief Development Officer at Skytron.

“IPT’s disinfection robots further strengthen our mission of helping healthcare facilities reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. We are extremely pleased to now offer IPT’s highly effective UV robots to hospitals across the globe,” Malnor continued.

The company’s IPT 3200 UV disinfection robot is the most powerful UV light disinfection system in the world, with continuous UVC lamps that generate up to 20 times the UVC output of tested xenon pulse systems and three times the strength of other continuous light competitors.

The IPT 3200 is joined by the IPT 2280 and IPT 1140 UV disinfection robots, providing healthcare providers a full range of options for optimum disinfection treatment in various sized rooms or budget requirements.

UV light disinfection robots transmit UV radiation that inactivates bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms responsible for potentially fatal HAIs, including Clostriduim difficile (C.diff), one of the most resilient HAI-causing pathogens that can live on surfaces for months. IPT’s UV robots effectively disinfect hospital rooms, nursing home rooms, ambulances and other healthcare environments, with whole-room treatment that reaches direct, in-direct and shadow surfaces, including high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, bed rails, TV remotes and telephones.

The effectiveness of IPT’s UV disinfection technology has been documented in a six-month hospital-wide study at Hollywood Community Hospital/Brotman Medical Center Campus in Culver City, Calif., where the IPT 3200 was shown to decrease HAIs by 34% and C. diff specifically by 46%. Other hospital groups using IPT’s technology have reported similar results.

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