IPT launches new website

Steve Fister, IPT's Engineering Director said, "From our inception, IPT has always had a strong product engineering focus with a goal to maximize the value proposition for the customer. Customers told us they wanted rapid germicidal UV disinfection treatments with an assurance of effectiveness, so we designed very durable, automated UV robots to do just that. The new website underscores our leadership role in providing advanced ultraviolet light disinfection technology and more importantly, the benefits of positive outcomes in health-care facilities."

Kenny continued, "Website visitors indicated a strong preference for more product information. The more that end users understand about the benefits of IPT's UV robots like single-placement, whole-room treatments, the more likely they are to become a customer."

The website includes detailed information about the company's family of three germicidal UV disinfection systems: IPT™ 3200, IPT 2280 Syndicate and IPT 1140 Max.

Additionally, the site provides UV disinfection case studies and testimonials, including a recent hospital-wide UV disinfection study conducted by Clean Sweep Group that used the IPT 3200 in 125 patient rooms for a total of 18,184 patient days, at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, Calif. That study found that using dedicated, trained disinfection teams and the next generation UV technology by IPT reduced incidences of healthcare-acquired infections hospital-wide by 34%, including a 42.7% decrease in C. diff infections.

About Infection Prevention Technologies Founded in 2009, Infection Prevention Technologies provides the most powerful, automated UV-C infection prevention robot systems in the world. The IPT™ product family offers NextGen UV™ advancements including the patented Field Balance™ and PowerBoost UV™ technologies, which ensure output with the highest germicidal UV-C energy. IPT's Steri-Trak™ software offers secure, real-time web based data for job scheduling, tracking and management. For more information, visit Infection PreventionTechnologies or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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