Infection Prevention Technologies wins DiSciTech Award

Corp! Magazine has named Infection Prevention Technologies as a winner of its prestigious DiSciTech Award in the science category for its family of ultraviolet light disinfection robots, the most powerful disinfection units in the world.

IPT 3200m UV robot
IPT’s NextGen UV™ germ-killing robots use UV light disinfection to thoroughly sanitize areas where hidden colonies of harmful microorganisms reside, reducing the incidence of dangerous healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). 

IPT’s three NextGen UV™ germicidal UV disinfection systems - IPT™  3200  (pictured to the right), IPT 2280 Syndicate, and IPT 1140 Max,  disinfect rooms in acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, long-term care facilities and other healthcare settings where unsafe pathogens may reside. Other environments that benefit from the germ-killing energy of UV light disinfection systems include nursing homes, schools, day care centers, gyms, spas and correctional facilities.

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UV Dosage Critical to Decontaminating Hospital Rooms of Pathogens

Area UV disinfection units have proliferated as of late due to their effectiveness and ease of use in decontaminating hospital rooms and surfaces of nosocomial pathogens of HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections). However, the levels of UV irradiance and UV dose produced can vary widely from unit to unit. It is routinely assumed that the lower irradiance levels produced by some of these area disinfection units can be compensated for by increasing the time length of the exposure, a principle that is known as reciprocity. Reciprocity, however, may not apply to very short exposure times or to very low levels of irradiance due to the fact that some microorganisms can resist and cope with low UV doses and even recover via repair mechanisms (IUVA 2005). Herein we examine the effects of UV dosages produced by typical area disinfection units including the IPT™ whole room UV light disinfection systems.

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IPT launches new website

Steve Fister, IPT's Engineering Director said, "From our inception, IPT has always had a strong product engineering focus with a goal to maximize the value proposition for the customer. Customers told us they wanted rapid germicidal UV disinfection treatments with an assurance of effectiveness, so we designed very durable, automated UV robots to do just that. The new website underscores our leadership role in providing advanced ultraviolet light disinfection technology and more importantly, the benefits of positive outcomes in health-care facilities."

Kenny continued, "Website visitors indicated a strong preference for more product information. The more that end users understand about the benefits of IPT's UV robots like single-placement, whole-room treatments, the more likely they are to become a customer."

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