IPT™ UV Robots

The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

Validated by Science

Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

Proven Results

IPT’s UV-C disenfection robots save lives and money. View testimonials.

IPT 3200 – Most Powerful Germ-Killing UV Robot

The IPT 3200 is the most powerful UV light disinfection system in the world. Its continuous UVC lamps generate up to 20 times the UVC output of tested xenon pulse systems and three times the strength of other continuous light competitors.

The patented PowerBoost UV™ technology enables the IPT 3200 UVC robot to provide whole-room, single-placement disinfection in far less time than any other unit on the market and unlike most of the competition, we attack the shadows where many of the harmful organisms are residing (in some cases many months).

Built-in patent pending SmartDosage UV™, along with patented Field Balance™ and PowerBoost UV™ technology enable the IPT 3200 UV light disinfection system to automatically measure room conditions and environmental conditions such as room size, temperature and humidity to determine in real-time the appropriate dosage, time, number and power of lamps needed for complete disinfection all while providing the maximum power allowable in the USA to manufacture germicidal UVC energy.    

The IPT 3200 is ideal for hospital environments requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time. Operated by our easy-to-use, wireless hand-held Steri-Trak™ controller, the IPT 3200 germ-killing robot frees up environmental services staff to perform other tasks while the system disinfects the whole room in a single procedure.

IPT 3200 is the most powerful UV light disinfection system in the world.

Advantages of the IPT 3200 UV light disinfection system include:

Faster room treatment times
  • Higher productivity
  • Easier integration into EVS cleaning protocol
More effective treatments
  • Higher pathogen kills rates
  • Documentation to “show what you know”.
Whole-room treatments
  • Single placement
  • Single treatment
  • All-room surfaces (we do not spot treat, we flood the room)

The IPT 3200 germ-killing UVC robot has been shown to provide whole-room, maximum disinfection in little as 10 minutes. Competitors either suggest multiple unit placement (wasting time and costing money) or simply providing lower dosage than IPT recommends to combat applicable pathogens.

Learn more about why whole-room treatment with continuous light UV robots is superior to any spot treatment protocols recommended  by xenon lamp systems.

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