IPT™ UV Robots

The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

Validated by Science

Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

Proven Results

IPT’s UV-C disenfection robots save lives and money. View testimonials.

Best UV Light Disinfection Robots in the Industry

The most powerful UV robot on the market today, offering maximum energy and disinfection in less time for improved disinfection of larger rooms and faster room turnaround.

The only thing better than one IPT UV robot is two! This paired system of two (2) IPT 1140 units efficiently provides whole-room, single- placement disinfection for larger rooms or multi-room patient facilities (bed and bath) without having to move and re-start the units, which results in lower room disinfection costs.

Budget-conscious organizations appreciate the superior germicidal disinfection provided with this very affordable and portable unit.

No single UV light disinfection system will fit the needs of every client or environment. That is why IPT has developed three different powerful UV light disinfection solutions that offer varying levels of UVC output to accommodate the specific requirements and budgets of all our prospective customers.

Each and every one of these UV light disinfection systems provides a number of KEY benefits, including:

  • Single-placement, whole-room treatment, including direct, indirect and shadow surfaces, with no repositioning of the units.
  • Fastest room treatments.
  • No need for workflow-disrupting multiple in-room treatments (single placement disinfection).
  • Improved workflow.
  • Standardized process for cleaning patient rooms.
  • Easy-to-use, minimal training required.
  • Quiet operation with no zapping noise.
  • Continuous UV-C light, with no annoying and blinding strobe light.

Schedule Treatment, Track and Analyze all the Data

IPT UV light disinfection systems are operated with a military grade wireless, hand-held controller and cloud-based monitoring and reporting system called Steri-Trak™ that allows you to track and analyze all of the treatment data within a facility.

With patented technology that ensures automatically timed proper dosage and whole-room treatment, IPT robots offer superior disinfection through our automated and patented SmartDosage UV™ technology that ensures complete disinfection of every room surface.  You can never make a mistake by going with the leader! To learn more about what our customers have to say about IPT robots click here!

Learn more about each of our UV light disinfection options by clicking the links above or contact IPT for more information.