IPT™ UV Robots

The most effective, automated pathogen-killing UV light disinfection systems in the world.

Validated by Science

Independent studies show UV-C light to be the most effective germ-killing method of disinfection.

Proven Results

IPT’s UV-C disenfection robots save lives and money. View testimonials.

About Infection Prevention Technologies

Founded in 2009 in Auburn Hills, Mich., Infection Prevention Technologies is a leading developer of UV disinfection robots.

Driven to eradicate hospital acquired infections, our company has developed three UV light disinfection robots that offer varying levels of UV power and affordability to provide healthcare organizations the best opportunity to implement life-saving, HAI-preventing UV disinfection.

Our investment in UV disinfection research and technology has resulted in UV light disinfection robot installations throughout the U.S. and the world.

IPT is led by a mission to:  “Make it safe and easy for hospitals to significantly raise the quality of environmental care.”

We believe this is achievable by:

  • Utilizing time-tested and proven UV-C technology;
  • Maximizing the available amount of electrical energy for UV-C output;
  • Standardizing the process for patient room cleaning; and
  • Enabling improved accountability and assurance.

IPT offers a team with significant technical expertise in the area of UV light disinfection and UV disinfection robots that are EPA registered and ETL certified to UL Standards, manufactured in facilities meeting ISO international quality standards.

Learn more about why healthcare organizations rely on IPT for their UV light disinfection needs.